Carmine Allonardo, DC

In the case of your immune system, chiropractic care is all about ensuring optimal communication between your body and your brain.

Having a strong immune system is vital to your life and health. Without a properly functioning immune system you would have to live your life in a bubble. Your body’s immune system is responsible for your overall health. It is responsible for fighting off cancers, viruses, toxins, and the more common things like colds. Your body’s response even to something a small as a paper cut relies on a properly functioning immune system as well as the central nervous system.

Your brain needs to know exactly what is wrong with your body so it can instruct your immune system to properly respond. Your central nervous system needs to provide unrestricted and unfiltered information your brain can respond to. How well your immune system reacts – or doesn’t react – to infections, disease, or any other foreign substance invading your body is based entirely on what your brain instructs it to do. The directions from your brain to your immune system are only as good as the information the brain receives.

When your brain receives partial information, bad information, or even no information, your immune system will not respond properly. Your immune system’s response could be too weak, too strong, or even attack healthy tissues in the case of autoimmune diseases. Your body will be more vulnerable to cancers, infections, allergy attacks, diseases, and other attacks by foreign substances.

Misalignments, or subluxations, in the spine will cause poor communication between your brain and your immune system. Subluxations can create pressure on, irritate, or even pinch the nerves in your spine. This restricts the free-flow of information regarding your body to your brain. Dr. Allonardo helps restore that broken communication, through gentle adjustments that properly align your vertebrae, and allow your body to take better care of itself. With a properly functioning central nervous system your immune system will be better equipped to defend your body from disease and infection.

Anyone striving to be healthy should be seeing Dr. Allonardo on a regular basis. It is the best way to ensure a healthy immune system. You should consult with Dr. Allonardo to see how often your lifestyle requires your body to be adjusted.

Chiropractic Care for increased immune response